A rant to my bud

My current, non-medical expert belief = big pharma is afraid of MJ. Will wipe out their markets. Only problem right now is ensuring quality control of MJ.
I am flirting with MJ, but not doing it yet. I would rather do MJ than the sleeping pills to whom I am becoming more attached.  

Our Baby Boomer generation’s mantra was “sex, drugs and rock and role.” And then we look at the offspring generation and wonder, “Gee, how did that happen?” 

Puuleeese—no whimpering about deficits when the Republican controlled Congress approved the first grand giveaway, especially billions to the rich and the corporates. I have no problem with upping minimum wage; helping those on unemployment, etc. Want to stop job loss? Telling the heartless corporations to hire American and if they don’t, they pay penalties. Tell them no jobs go overseas without serious tax penalties. One of my biggest beefs with Trump was his incompetency and being in league with the rich and the corporations. This isn’t rocket science. You can handle it with revisions to federal tax policy. 

Homeless solution:  Make it illegal and with the second offense you are sent to a “Homeless Assistance Resource Center” (former military bases) and provided with counseling, social services, etc. You leave the camp after you have worked off your costs of the “holding incarceration” at the base’s industries. I worked in the local Food Bank for three years. Caught pneumonia twice, and once had to grab a wood stick to use as a club and run outside because some huge guy was beating on a woman. (The women staff at the food bank were appalled that I had done such a thing. What? Wait twenty minutes for the cops?)

I think you need to read some Howard Zinn to understand the real American history. Our country was founded by a bunch of difficult people kicked out of their country because of their hard headedness and religious intolerance; founded on the chance to make a buck; and used slavery and competition among the working classes to keep wages down.  Oh, and treated the continent as if no one was already living here. 

Thanks for opportunity to rant. Stay healthy. I saved my wife’s life today by taking her to her first anti-Covid shot. (she’s part of that minority conspiracy anti-virus mindset) I get my second shot on Sunday.

Oh–and just had a quick flashback. I yelled at Trump on TV as much as I did LBJ on tv. Trump imperiled the whole country, and LBJ threatened me physically with possible military draft. (Just watched “Platoon” the other night on Netflix–fifth time.)

So be it.

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