The protagonist of two of my books (a third is in the works), Father Gabriel Garza, aka Reverend Rambo, is starting to like his Pope Francis. 

Last week, Francis the Pontiff put the hold on the beautification of Pope Pius XII because the required miracle in his name hadn’t happened yet. 

A straight-up fact, but Fr. Gabe wonders if it could be a subtle joke too? Francis doesn’t seem to like the previous pope’s position, or really Montini’s lack of position, on the slaughter of six million of our theological older brothers and sisters, the Jews. Not much was heard from him during WWII. Maybe Montini spent too much of his earlier clerical career in Germany?

What isn’t a joke is that Francis has sent the word to all clerical and lay minions, if you sexually assault someone, you face criminal charges. No church-running-interference for you.

Reverend Rambo’s respect for Pope Francis, who heads a world-wide church operating with just one lung, grows more and more. That game-playing Church Curia can just sap your energy.

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