by Ben Leiter

I just finished Michael Cohen’s very recent book, DISLOYAL: A MEMOIR.

I recommend reading it for information and Cohen’s personal insights that have not come out in the news. It totally and completely details the corrupt, incompetent traitor we have in the White House, and the potential threats we face as Americans.

What is fascinating about the book is that Cohen intimately describes how totally wrong he was in his thuggish, intimidating tactics and manner of doing business for his boss, Donald Trump. The worst part–and maybe the most ingratiating to the reader–is that he confesses he knew exactly the bad things he was doing and why–to win and keep Trump’s approval. I read the entire book with a suppressed feeling of “you got everything you deserved, you bullying piece of scum.”

But, then Cohen then went on to experience his own legal woes from the Southern District of New York. And, he had been abandoned by Trump, and there were various intimidating tactics used to shut him up which didn’t work when the Supreme Court got involved and told the Barr toadies to back off. They said Cohen still had First Amendment Rights. Thank God. It was the description of his family, that he cared about, that pierced my armor of hatred against this gangster group that has threatened our Republic.

Interesting reading because of quality writing and story telling by Cohen and his ghost writer who almost have you rooting for him at the end of the book, which he does not deserve.

God save The United States of America,

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