True-life stories

A memoir with true-life stories. Available at Amazon/kindle under the pen name of Ben Leiter.
Unfortunately, IT’S ALL TRUE. Or, at least it’s my truth.
I present professional life snapshots of conflict, corruption, character assassination, betrayal, murder, suicide, drug running, spying, sex scandals, courage, heroes, and a monkey on the loose. Most days were meetings.
This is my story as a municipal bureaucrat, spanning forty- four years.
I am a gray man. My training and environment dictated planned, constrained, organizational nuance. Budgets, staff meetings, zoning hearings, union negotiations, and more meetings constituted my world.
I encountered the best and the worst in people. On one level, this is just a City Manager memoir; on another, it reflects themes in everyone’s life journey.
What is that old saying? “We make plans, and God laughs.” I made lots of plans. God looked at me, and She is in hysterics. Poor, poor gray man.
I present this story to you in candid, rapid-fire snapshots. No specific individual or city is identified. This protects the innocent and, unfortunately, the guilty, too. Camouflaged with anonymity and the pseudonym Ben Leiter, I can tell my story the way it needs to be told. Truth.
I have served all over the country.
As a young person struggling to make the right career choice, I wanted my work to make a meaningful contribution, and I didn’t want to be bored.
I have not been bored.
After you read this book, if you should run into the City Manager of your community, just say “thanks.” He or she will know what you mean.

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